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Thread: My guinea pig died

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    My guinea pig died


    My guinea pig died yesterday. He was annoying and a great pain in the ass sometimes, but goddamn I loved that furry little creature who always ate my school books and other important papers. I had the guinea pig for almost 8 years, so I really miss him now. :'(

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    Re:My guinea pig died

    What.. the little guy died... damn

    I hope he's in a better place now.

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    Re:My guinea pig died

    I've had a number of pets over the years (I find I like animals better than people). It's always hard when a pet dies, because they accept you with no qualifications, and you know that they love you.
    My sympaties.

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    Re:My guinea pig died

    I'm sorry to hear that, Ngene. :/

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    Re:My guinea pig died

    that really hurts. i cried for two days when my Great Dane died.

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    Re:My guinea pig died

    I've had my share of pets die and it's definately tough. I had some baby swallows a few days ago I found stranded that I took care of for two days, and even after such little time, it was hard to hand them over to the humane society. I was just getting them to eat willingly too. They were a real pain in the ass because they had to eat every 15 to 30 minutes but it's easy to grow attached to little helpless babies.

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