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Thread: Konqueror and Java

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    Konqueror and Java

    SuSE 8.0
    KDE 3

    I have java-1.1.8v3-25 installed, I have it in Path and I have Konq set to enable java globally and have the executable set as "java".

    But, any website that I get to with a java applet shows a "loading applet" thingy and then doews nothing.

    How do I get jave to work? I see in searching usenet that this is a common problem, so anyone out there that has found the fix, please share and please consider a PET on the subject.


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    Re:Konqueror and Java

    I have no help, but i will bump this thread. I installed java 1.3.2 per the PET and it worked great for limewire, but I get the same error when opening a site that requires java. I am assuming the fix will be similar for my browser of choice (beonix---mozilla cousin)

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    Re:Konqueror and Java

    Well, I discovered that I have to have a java2 RTE, which SuSE was kind enough to supply; however, I had to set the path in Konqueror to the right executable as it is not in my Path. Next, I installed the JSSE from Sun to get https to work. Now I get at least a partial loading of the applets, but they still bomb.

    Normally I don't mess with Java, but I have one website that I would like to access that uses Java applets for its navigation system (which sucks, and I have already e-mailed the webmaster of the site about poor design).

    The site is

    Can anyone get this to work?

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    Re:Konqueror and Java

    In mozilla and Galeon I can.
    Haven't tried in Konqueror, since I don't particularly like it. If I ever actually boot to KDE again (mandrake 8.2...only kde2) I'll test. I have Suns J2RE 1.4.0_01 installed, and I have added the PATH.

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