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Thread: Low bulk web browser

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    Low bulk web browser

    Anyone know of a low bulk, no frills (apart from tabbed browsing) web browser?
    Ill get it, install it, and wait until I fix my X11 (it currently spurts out error messages when you run startx, see my previous article)


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    Re:Low bulk web browser


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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    Galeon is 8) but doesn't it require Mozilla?

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    Ive got about 500mb free space, and memory is very short.
    Ive got a p1,133 with 128mb ram, and a generic video card! kde runs like a dog with two legs, one on the left front, the other on the left back, Not a very zippy machine.

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    If this is a desktop machine, AKA not a server, disable all unneeded daemons. Not from a security standpoint, but as a logical standpoint -- dont run what you dont need or arent going to use. Turn off ftp, telnet, apache, squid, lpd, opr whatever else you have but arent going to use. It seems you know about ssh -- keep that one. But get rid of any rlogin/rtelnet stuff since they are pukey versions of ssh's bastard son. That should speed you box up noticibly. Then dump KDE and use fluxbox. I like KDE, but on weaker systems -- it just is a dog (as you so gracefully pointed out). Flux is very speedy, responsive as hell, and can be made reasonably pretty.

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    First post here. I just want to through my 2 cents in on light weight browsers.
    Links 2.0+ is really nice and light, it is also a very capable with javascript, frames, ssl, plugins, and cookie support.
    I got a screenshot of it here.

    Links is very fast in text mode, but it is a bit slow in rendering graphics.

    Another great feather weight browser is Dillo.
    Home page:

    For now it has a lot less capabilities than Links, but it renders a lot faster. Though I have Galeon and Mozilla on this computer, and it has the horsepower I find myself using Dillo a lot because it is so handy.

    Dillo just got cookie support, still no SSL or frames. The browser is progressing fast, if you tried it 6 months ago you will be surprised by how nice it renders now.

    Dillo shot

    There is also w3m with graphics. I would put it at third in this pony race.

    Both Dillo and graphics mode Links start up almost instantly. Galeon is a hell of a browser -- better than Mozilla proper in many ways -- but it is not light. It would probably take that 133 over forty seconds to load.

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    More comments...
    Get rid of KDE, it is just too big for your system. That will free up a lot of space for you to install some lightweight apps.

    For email you may like Sylpheed.

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    BrowseX has tabs and (supposedly) ssl but no css or frame support.

    Dillo is a really great fast lite browser but lacks css, ssl, and frame support as well.

    Links 2.0 graphic is pretty good though it too lacks css support.

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    Re:Low bulk web browser

    I like BrowseX, it has a lot of features -- but it is about double the footprint of Dillo/Links/w3m. It still is a lot lighter than Galeon, I should have mentioned it.

    Incidentally, out of the four, only w3m and Links are cookie compatible with this forum script.

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