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Thread: First Impressions

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    Re:First Impressions

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=13;threadid=3901;start=0#39103 date=1024924500]

    After a month or so, my sound was working.
    After another two months I got my modem working (ISA sucks and still sucks big time)

    I think that it took me about a full year of pokign around to really know what the hell I was doing since nobody I knew had Linux or was willing to offer assistance.
    thats a way cool story!
    i got RH 6.2 but it wouldnt install. i took it all to the local installfest, and BAMMMM! installed and online! wow!
    new, different, better! no BSOD! time to buy a linux bumpersticker for the car! and now sitting next to my desk i have 2 linux books and 2900 pages in unix books. i had to
    learn it because it p1553d me off not understanding the cli.

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    Re:First Impressions

    Yeah the CLI is the best and hardest part. It is amazing the power of the unix CLI. Thats what got me hooked. Being able to open an XTerm and be able to quickly whap a few commands out and get the job done.

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