I installed Mandrake 8.2 with X version 3 and experimental 3D.
'startx' returns an error message : "failed execve"
'kdm' 'xdm' doesn't do anything, but 'gdm' gives me an option to install X, I do that just to realize that version 4.2 is installed.
How do I now run X ver 3? I can't uninstall version 4 (shouldn't need to either, I believe?) but removed Xconfig-4, xconfig exists already.
Can't find a way to choose between these versions?
(I want 3D to run TuxRacer, Nvidias 3d-drivers don't work on my rather old machine - that's why I don't want X version 4
(got another Mdk with ver 4 installed as well.))