So then, we all use linux, at least some of the time, others nothing-but, but why? What brought you to linux and has kept you here? Why not Mac OSX, or some other distro?

Just to make this very clear, I am not trying to start any kind of flame war, this is not a Linux is better than .... distro, but why you started using Linux, and more importantly why you have kept with it?

I came accross Linux by acident; but once I had used it nad got over the alien nature of the OS (coming from Win 98) I really loved the potential of it. I mean if I had been running Windows all this time, I wouldn't be sat here with a webserver, home mode router, and excellent web-development tools.

I suppose the question is nore like; was it the actual software quality, turnover and choice, or the open philosophy that brought you into Linux. I know a lot of Linux users that know very little about the entire movemenr behinde 'free software' and the GPL-type-idealism of the whole thing.

Enough of my ranting - I should really stop using the computer after I have come in from the pub!!