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    Ximian Evolution


    I am in the process of switching my mail from Outlook to Ximian Evolution and I have some problems.

    First, the standard one everyone asks I suppose, transferring my old (Outlook) mail to Evolution. Obviously I read a fair bit about this and it involves a complex procedure of importing my Outlook (2000) mail into Netscape exporting it from there as standard UNIX MBox and finally importing it into evolution. This is all well and good except that whoever came up with that idea never considered the possibility that someone might use multiple e-mail accounts and base the associated PST files on a remote server. Of course one option is simply to leave my Outlook mail & configuration as an archived source and switch to Evolution from here on in. Anyway, the question is does anyone know of a standalone utility (either Windows or Linux) that will convert Outlook 2000 e-mail to other formats (any format) ... I'm off to check out TUCOWS after I post this :-)

    I mentioned I use multiple e-mail accounts ... I do this on Outlook by creating completely and utterly separate PST files so downloading my e-mail involves firing up Outlook, downloading mail, reading it and closing it 5 times in succession and I chose to do this because I wished to keep the accounts completely separate (I didn't want to reveal my real identity to certain people I deal with). This is not such a big issue nowadays but it still leaves me with the problem that two of my five accounts are only accessible via direct ISDN dialup whereas the other three (and my family's accounts) are reached via proxy. I know that Evolution can handle multiple e-mail accounts but a new question is can it handle getting three mail accounts via proxy and the other two directly (by dialup)?



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    Re:Ximian Evolution

    Any mail client should. You may have to manually dial out to be able to properly access the mailbox, but any mail client should do the trick.

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    Re:Ximian Evolution

    outlook can export to a bunch of different formats, i don't think many are very useful... (e.g. excel, dbase...) . but i thought evolution could do pst files.

    i use fetchmail to grab mail from several servers....

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    Re:Ximian Evolution


    No Evolution can't read PST files, apparently MS is very closed about it's propretary file formats ... bet that surprises you :-)

    Also, I'm guessing there's a relatively low demand for those shifting from Outlook to Evolution as most ex-MS people probably use Outlook Express which uses a different file format.


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