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    I'm trying to get this other video editing software installed, but it depends on ''. Right now I'm running with GCC 3.x, and it doesn't seem to offer that file at all. Any ideas of being able to use this?

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    From what I know, its a glibc file. Are you trying to use a precompiled package? Compiling from source might fix it. I had a similar problem with Mozilla.

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    SO how do I go about building it with GCC 3?

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    some apps don't compile with GCC3.1 yet, some need workarounds. Check with (the gcc3 forum) . they usually know that's needed.

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    What versions of libstdc++ do you have on your system? On my system /usr/lib/ is a symbolic link to /usr/lib/ might help. There's a mailing list and some documentation.

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    Looks like I need to upgrade the libstdc++ package. I'm at 2.96-110, and it doesnt have the '.so.3' or the '.so.3.0.2 . Hopefully that should fix my prob. :P

    Well, I guess it didn't. I still don't have '' anywhere, nor do I have anything that is similar.

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    You are running with GCC 3.x? Did you make from source, or install an RPM? When I installed GCC 3.1 from source, it made a (not 3). Do you have that file? Just a thought... *shrug*


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