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Thread: Kernel configure slack 8.1

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    Kernel configure slack 8.1

    When I try to ./configure the source Kernel on the CD I get the following message:

    bash-2.05a# ./configure
    bash: ./configure: No such file or directory


    I checked to see if autoconf package was installed---it is, and I also checked file permissions---looked ok.

    I untar'ed in several places to see if that mattered---it doesnt.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

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    Re:Kernel configure slack 8.1

    # make menuconfig
    # make xconfig

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    Re:Kernel configure slack 8.1

    Become root. Rename your current /usr/src/linux to preserve your current sources. Untar your new kernel source in /usr/src. It will be come a new /usr/src/linux. In your new /usr/src/linux, do 'make xconfig' or make 'menuconfig'. Configure your kernel as desired. Immediately after configuring and exiting the kernel config app, open the new /usr/src/linux/Makefile and edit the 'extra version' line to give the new kernel a unique name, and a uniqe directory under /lib/modules. This step will always preserve your old modules and make it easy to switch back to any previous kernel. Save the edited Makefile. Then:

    make dep && make clean && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install && make install

    This will compile the new kernel and modules, rename your old vmlinuz to vmlinuz.old, edit lilo.conf and run lilo again. For some reason for me in Slack, it doesn't always edit lilo.conf. I don't mind because I then usually rename each kernel descriptively, make the appropriate edits to lilo.conf, rerun lilo, and reboot to test it out.

    Remember things like nvidia driver modules that don't come with the kernel source will have to be reinstalled for the new kernel before you can use them. Good luck.

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    Re:Kernel configure slack 8.1

    Thanks redhead! I would have written you back much sooner but I didnt add ppp support into my kernel hehehe. The bz went from 1.1mb to 800kb. Im writing from it now.

    bammbamm---thanks for all the good advice. (Any wish of luck is greatly appreciated)

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