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Thread: screen res?

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    screen res?

    My screen is acting like a frog without legs :S, the whole thing is shifted about 1.5 inches to the right, with the right hand part overlapping backwards on to of the part that actually does fit on the screen. The monitor is hooked up to my sparc 5 through a monitor adapter, and works fine on my PC. The buttons on the monitor to adjust the screen settings don't do anything when hooked up to the sparc, although they work on my PC. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Re:screen res?

    xvidtune ?? That may help.

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    Re:screen res?

    no such luck, that command doesn't appear to exist under netBSD (I probably should have mentioned i was on netBSD earlier). I tried a different monitor and it works fine...odd. Oh well, I think I'm gonna try installing debian anyways, can't seem to get any window managers to work under netBSD sparc. Thanx for the help!

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