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    wine question

    ok, having a few probs with wine. Im using the version that comes with redhat 7.3 and did the autoinstall during normal installation. I can start to install stuff using wine (wine d:/autorun.exe or whatever), and it starts to go, but then I get a Mm module error (multimedia module) and says that it is setup incorrectly in the wine.conf file. There is no wine.conf file. there is a WIndows.reg and a system.reg file. It looks like the wine.conf file is included in the windows.reg file, but not sure. Anyone know where I can find some info on how this is supposed to be setup? The wine howto just doesnt cover this setup. Thanks for the help!

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    Re:wine question

    WIne.conf is your file and you may want to check it over for whatever you are missing. I do remember talking over email with the lead programmer of the plain vanilla wine project, and he mentioned that any program that uses non windows standard .vxd's are not going to work. I will post later on my webpage if you want my config file.

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