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Thread: zsnes - SDL - parachutes deploying...

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    zsnes - SDL - parachutes deploying...

    so i wanna play a game - i get zsnes, it copiles fine, i have all the right versions and i try to start it and this is what i get:

    [pbharris@bugs ~/tmp]zsnes LegendZeldaLinkPast.smc 
    ZSNES v1.337   beta (c)1997-2001 ZSNES Team (zsKnight - _Demo_)
    Linux version, please report crashes to
    Compiled under NASM, GCC
      Programmers     : zsKnight, _Demo_
      Assistant Coder : Pharos
    ZSNES comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software,
    and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions;
    check license.txt.
    Use ZSNES -? for command line definitions
    MMX support enabled. FOUND!
    File opened successfully!
    Max 48mbit ROM support + SuperFX/C4 support + 16bit New Gfx Engine
    Filename    : LegendZeldaLinkPast.srm
    Frame Skip  : AUTO
    Debugger    : OFF
    Memory Free : 
    Cartridge name : Vimm's Lair:
    ROM type       : LOROM/ROM/SRAM     
    Memory Map     : 20
    ROM size       :  Megabits
    SRAM size      :  Kilobytes
    ROM Type       : NTSC
    Checksum       : FAILED
    NMI Vector Location   : 80C9
    Reset Vector Location : 8000
    Press Any Key to Continue.
    mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding
    Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
    [pbharris@bugs ~/tmp]
    redhat - 7.3

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    Re:zsnes - SDL - parachutes deploying...

    Its been a while since I had played SNES games, but IIRC a .srm file is a save ram file. Have you tried a different ROM image?

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