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Thread: Features coming soon...

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    Features coming soon...

    This is going to be my list of comming attractions... as the item is completed, I'll cross it off the list.

    As I come up with more stuff it will be added....

    List of Forums on Index
    Linux Tutorials
    Comprehensive Linux FAQ
    Weekly Articles (such as sysadmin notes)

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    Sysadmin notes is a good idea; seeing as running Linux makes one a system administrator by default :mrgreen: .

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    it would be nice to have a place to share some experiences and stories that go along with being a sysadmin, if nothing else for the entertainment value, heh dont worry ill have plenty of "stupid helpdesk call of the day" stories :P

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    Thats a good idea.

    I added a scrolling recent forums block.

    Do you like the scrolling or should it be static?

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    I changed it to static and I added post icons as well!

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    Ok, also added a screenshot album!!

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    I've added rank icons and avatars to the avatar gallery.

    There are some cool tux avatars there.

    If you have an avatar you'd like to upload, please feel free.... or send it to me and I'll add it to the DB.

    I'm working on a quick reply box at the bottom of the posts and some other hacks.....

    if you visit let me know what you'd like to see.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcangeli
    I've added rank icons
    So what are the rank titles and how much ranting do we have to do to get to each one?


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    heh, ok, so I'll work on adding the hack to display those.

    The next one is at 150 and its guru I think.

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    The stats are now very comprehensive.... you should take a look.

    The link is on the front page...

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