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Thread: YaBB vs. phpBB

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    YaBB vs. phpBB

    I'm looking at using either YaBB or phpBB. I've used YaBB since its very early stages and I'm very pleased with it. But the person who I'm asking to host my site likes phpBB. I've had a play around with it and it seems very good too.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure which one to pick because they are both very good.

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    Re:YaBB vs. phpBB

    I used both on a couple of different sites before I launched Linuxlaboratory. When I was figuring out what to do there, I settled on phpBB. Newer versions of it have a few more bells and whistles, and YABB probably has even more now (as evidenced on this site), but if you just want the basics, and some emoticons and other stuff, phpBB is very good. Very solid and stable, though so is YABB, now that I think about it. I guess it really is personal taste. I think what got me using phpBB is that it's written in PHP, which I'm actually more comfortable with than Perl, which is what YABB is written in. The rest of my site is all PHP, so it was a consistency in maintaining the site that I liked.

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    Re:YaBB vs. phpBB

    Ummm, YaBB is written in php now, or at least this version of it is.

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    Re:YaBB vs. phpBB

    phpBB1 i really disliked. my friend set it up and i started to write conversion scripts for phpBB to YaBBSE. then he upgraded to phpBB2 (an i started to hate it more at this point..... but then we got it working) anyway phpBB2 i was so pleased with. it's really nice. the admin section is good, the templates are kinda annoying for doing quick feature hacks, but they are good for quick interface hacks.

    so yea i'd say phpBB

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