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    System Administration

    I am new to linux and love plying with it but need help in the general administration of the system. All of the books that I have purchased to date do not go into any detail about anything they are more like an overview. Not complaining just need alittle help. Can anybody recommend a good book that focuses of Administration?

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    Re:System Administration

    The linux documentation project homepage has several books written with linux administration in mind. the link is

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    Re:System Administration

    This might be of use:

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    Re:System Administration

    Actually, what distro are you using? RedHat has some wonderful pdf files on their page and can be great for someone who has zero clus of how to make the system do their bidding. Service control, application management, NIS, NFS, servers...... they have a GREAT resource. This should apply to any RPM based distro, but no guarantess there. SuSE alos includes in their pro version ($79.99) alot of great info in their user manuals. They have some of the best documentation out there.

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