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Thread: Parallel Scanners

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    Parallel Scanners

    I have read all the posting about scanners on this board, and would like to know if anybody has gotten a pp scanner to work in a user account. I have mine set up as per sane instructions and it works great as root or su, but comes back no devices found as my normal user acct. I haven't been using linux long so I am quite confussed by a couple of things. Thanks for your help ???

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    Re:Parallel Scanners

    Have you changed permissions on the scanner device? That may help. Or add yourself to the scanner's user group.

    I dont own a scanner, so these are just guesses.

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    Re:Parallel Scanners

    Let me expand upon this I can't find a /dev/?? in my devices file. Sane was already included in my inital load of rpms from RH7.3 all I did was edit the sane files recommended on their web site. I am not sure of the correct procedures for adding a device. I know MAKEDEV is the command but the books that I have been using are all really vague about this. I think you are right about the device permissions I just need to figure out how to create the right device first.

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