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Thread: Wanted: External SCSI-2 Case

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    Wanted: External SCSI-2 Case

    I recently bought a full-height SCSI-2 drive for my computer. I didn't root around the case before buying it. The computer case won't accept two full-height (1&quot drives. So, I need an external case that can house at least one full height drive. Anyone have one for sale or know of a place where I can buy one cheap?


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    Re:Wanted: External SCSI-2 Case

    We have a bunch of old SCSI cases for drives, although they are internal I think (not really a case, more like a tray for putting it in and then on your bay. I don't know if they would work for you, because most of them are from old Dell servers. If you think it might help you, let me know and I will get you one of them for free. (They are probably gonna throw them away)

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    Re:Wanted: External SCSI-2 Case

    If you've got something to give away for free I sure want one. I might be able to use a SCSI drive or somethin' with it. Seriously, if you can send one may way I'd really appreciate it.

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    Re:Wanted: External SCSI-2 Case

    I can try, bt it would take me a bit. I will let you know. The hard drives might be small, though.

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