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    Access Denied

    I'm trying to delete a folder, but it keeps saying access denied. How can I delete this? Also I'm trying to copy some files to other folders, and it tells me the same thing. I can get into the folders, just can't delete/move files to/from it.

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    Re:Access Denied

    Are you logged in as root? If not you can type su, then enter your root password. Just be careful, if you can't delete them as a regular user they may be important. Once you have finished be sure to type exit, and return to a regular user.

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    Re:Access Denied

    Not sure what you mean by log in as root. I just installed this the other day so don't know all those terms yet. I did find another way around it. Weren't important documents, just ones I created.

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    Re:Access Denied

    What CP means is that when you are in linux (and here I am going to assume that you are using a gui) open a terminal.

    In the terminal type: su

    This means that you are going to change your status from your user account to Super User or Root. You will be asked for a password. Type in this password, and then you will have all the root privileges including access to important files and the ability to mess with those files. Be very careful of what you delete.

    When you have finished copying and deleting type: exit

    This will finish your time as su. You will now be in your user account.

    Also if you are trying to copy and delete things in a terminal make sure you are in the directory that you want to work in.

    Perhaps you should also take a look at the PETs on bash

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