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Thread: My First Poll

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    My First Poll

    It won't let me post without a message body, even though I have nothing to really say, so whatever.

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    Re:My First Poll

    hmm nice poll .. not very usefull but nice :P

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    Re:My First Poll

    It was something to do.

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    Re:My First Poll

    That was a good waste of 30 seconds of my life.

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    Re:My First Poll

    Wow! The best waste of bandwidth I've ever seen! :P

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    Re:My First Poll

    Crap. I was hoping there'd be pics of naked chicks by now. Another waste of bandwidth...

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    Re:My First Poll

    is this an inside joke?

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    Re:My First Poll

    Not as far as I know.

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    Re:My First Poll

    Actually, whenever I'm a regular on a forum, and the forum evolves polls (which is inevitable), this is always the first poll I post. But only if polls were not present when I first became a regular.


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