This is now frustrating!

I use RH7.3 with CMedia 8738 and modules load fine.

Now, when loading KDE and artsd starts, everything plays fine except non KDE apps.

For instanse, play, mplayer etc will not play untill artsd is killed. And no artsdsp is not a solution for mplayer at least.

Now if I don't load arts (which is fine by me), no KDE app has sound, but the worse bit is that only one app can use sound at a time. If I play a wav with play and try to open a video with mplayer, I get no sound in the latter. If I try the otherway around, play will wait untill mplayer is done to playback the wav.

Now this is weird for one and only one reason. Everything worked absolutely fine with arts started in KDE. All apps had sound, play would play and mplayer too! Untill I replaced the SBLive with the CMedia. And it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem as the CMedia can play multiple wavs (heck it can with arts).


Any and all input greatly appreciated