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Thread: Whats your OS?

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    OS in use

    I'm a relative newbie to Linux. Started using Red Hat 7.0 and followed it up to 8 then switched to Mandrake 9, 9.1 etc. Now running Mandrake 10.0 on the host, Fedora on 2 laptops, and I change the OS on the lab box every day or two (spidertools makes it easy to own them all).

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    How do you like mandy 10?

    And whats your take on Fedora?

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    Mandrake 10.0 has really improved their install. Its almost too graphic now with cartoon icons for everything. But it installs quickly and has everything where I'm used to finding it. I really can't feel the difference in the new kernel but then Im not doing anything scientific with it (yet?) so its hard to tell. Its a full system with all the tools and I've never had a seconds worth of problem with it.

    I really don't like Fedora all that much - but it installs nicely on a laptop. They've gutted Gnome and KDE and put a little of each up. I have reworked the desktop on both to look a little more like a computer. The wireless adaptation wasn't easy for me - might be for others but I struggled getting it up on the network. Another reason I leave it alone - don't want to go through that again.

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    Using Slackware since I started, I never "really" tried to switch to any other distro. I'm happy with it. I found it best for learning how things work with automatized stuff but nothing as complicated as a Redhat or Mandrake.

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    I use Fedora at the moment, also I use SUSE 9.1 Pro, and Knoppix 3.4. I hate some of the quirks of Fedora though...
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