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Thread: X Server problem

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    X Server problem

    Hi. For the first time I'm installing a new Window Manager. I have installed Blackbox. I compiled it with no problems but now when I type 'blackbox' to start it, it says "BaseDisplay::BaseDisplay: connection to X server failed." What's the problem?

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    Re:X Server problem

    you have to edit your .xinitrc file to start blackbox .. there should be something like

    exec /path/to/your/current/windomanager
    just change that to

    exec /path/to/blackbox/
    you can get the path to blackbox with the command

    which blackbox
    then you save the file and do startx - now blackbox should start


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    Re:X Server problem

    Yeah, That works, thanks. I actually figured that out before you posted this by reading a PET on it at this site.

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