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That's stupid. I think it should be 12PM=midnight, then the equation of "PM + 12hrs = 24hr clock" would actually be correct.

That would make even less sense though since you'd change days at midnight and then change to AM an hour later. Plus the AM/PM time came out first, so it couldn't have been designed to be easier to convert. It would be more sensible if they would change 12 to 0. But then it would also be more sensible and more fair if military time (as we call it) changed 0 to 24.

I hate imperial, too. People in the olden days were stupid. Metric rocks, and we need metric time badly. Too bad it never caught on...

Imperial... :

"Hey John, how tall are you?"
"I'm not sure... how long are the king's feet?"
Metric time is seconds. You could use kiloseconds if you wanted instead of hours, but that would completely ruin the clock. The imperial system was created by people who threw rocks to execute people. You can't expect it to be all that sensible by our standards.