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Thread: OpenBSD to view ext2

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    OpenBSD to view ext2

    I've embarked on the OpenBSD train finally, but I have a little problem.

    I have 2 hard disks:
    One for OpenBSD and the other is on ext2 and is used to hold data. I want to make the ext2 disk visible to OpenBSD, but can't:

    gaspar# mount -t ext2fs /dev/wd1b /mnt/temp
    mount_ext2fs: /dev/wd1b on /mnt/temp: Device not configured

    During the installation, I had skipped the disklabel process for my secon drive, because I thought I could mount it after the installation.

    Does anybody have an idea of how I can make it visible to OpenBSD?


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    Re:OpenBSD to view ext2

    Why wd1b? Is it the 2nd partition on the 2nd physical hard drive?

    This might come in handy

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    Re:OpenBSD to view ext2

    /dev/wd1a is Linux swap and /dev/wd1b is data.

    I don't see how the URL you sent me can help me. Perhaps my explanation was not clear.

    I have 2 hard drives:
    I erased one of them to install OpenBSD and I left the 2nd one alone. The 2nd one was previously used as a drive to have my Linux swap and my user's home directory when Linux was installed in the first drive.

    So now I want to mount the 2nd drive so that I can re-use my data, but the 2nd drive's filesystem is ext2.

    Is it possible?
    Thanks Ash and all.

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=10;threadid=3662;start=0#37151 date=1023482901]

    Why wd1b? Is it the 2nd partition on the 2nd physical hard drive?

    This might come in handy

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    Re:OpenBSD to view ext2

    Kozumo: Yes it's possible. Use disklabel to find the exact device of your Linux data partition, then mount it with the command you had in your initial post.

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    Re:OpenBSD to view ext2

    Ok Vince helped me solve my prob, so I will say this:

    GNUVINCE 0WNZ0RZ J00 411!!!!

    here's how Vince made it work:

    disklabel wd1
    size offset fstype [fsize bsize cpg]
    c: 40031712 0 unused 0 0 # (Cyl. 0 - 39713)
    i: 249921 63 unknown # (Cyl. 0*- 247)
    j: 39781728 249984 ext2fs # (Cyl. 248 - 39713)

    mount -t ext2fs /dev/wd1j /mnt

    and it works!

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    Re:OpenBSD to view ext2

    Well I almost had it ... thought it was a wrong device :P.

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