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Thread: File sharing

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    File sharing

    So, what do you guys use for filesharing at linux? Progs like napster, kazaa, e-donkey @ windows for sharing/dl some mp3s, vids and so on.

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    Re:File sharing

    hmm kazaa lite (without the spyware) on the win pc and audiogalaxy, gnutella on the linux pc

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    Re:File sharing

    check out the PET on limewire

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    Re:File sharing

    Thnx for the limwire PET. Worked just fine! :-*
    What gnutella client are you using ch-b

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    Re:File sharing

    Qtella is a very good Gnutella client, plus it supports other P2P protocols.

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    Re:File sharing

    LimeWire is my fav!

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    Re:File sharing

    Wow. I am impressed with Limewire! And it's only about 10$ to get the 'pro' version (which really is just the same thing w/out adds and you support them) Very cool stuff!

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    Re:File sharing

    Does Limewire still let you see what people are searching for? Some of them were quite amusing.

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    Re:File sharing

    Roger that. Just look under the Monitor tab.

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    Re:File sharing

    I use napshare. Don't let the name fool you, it's a gnutella client.

    It has this awesome automation feature that I always use. Basically, you can automate searches for stuff, so it is continually searching for and continually downloading everything it finds for you. Very handy if you're on a slow connection, or just looking for something extremely rare.

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