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Your Security
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Thread: Your Security

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    Your Security

    Post what you use and the configuration. Always helps others find new ways to use tools for their own protection.

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    Re:Your Security

    I have the following setup:

    WAN ------> Firewall appliance ------> DMZ IDS -------> iptables choke firewall -------> LAN IDS/Syslog server w/ log sentry

    Basically I have an IDS sitting behind each of my firewalls to log any malicious traffic that gets past the firewall and onto my DMZ or LAN. Each IDS logs to a centralized analysis console/database. Everything else logs to a centralized syslog server with log sentry installed.

    In addition to this, I filter viruses at the mail gateway on the DMZ and also have a centralized antivirus server that allows me to distribute updates, check the health of all my LAN clients and scan my entire domain from one admin's console.

    I also do a number of other things, like LAN instituting specific group policies that only allow an approved list of executables to run on all domain work stations. I run periodic Nessus scans across given parts of the network and refuse to use IIS, Exchange or Outlook. I run as many hardware terminals instead of PC's as I can so I have better control over what my users can and cannot do to their boxes.

    As a rule, I try to run as many different types of security products I can on as many different platforms as I can: 2 different firewalls, different IDS's, different virus scanning engines. This way, the vunerabilities or false positives of one has a better chance of being picked up by the other. If your IDSs and firewalls are all of the same platform, then you have a single point of failure for that given device. It makes administation a little harder, but gives you s greater perspective of what is actually happening on your network.

    IMHO, security has to be very comprehensive if it is to be effecitve across a large environment.

    Did I just give away all my secrets?

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    Re:Your Security

    Just iptables that blocks/locks everything but ssh. Local security is handled by my chow-chow and a 12 ga. shotgun.

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    Re:Your Security

    [quote author=ph34r link=board=5;threadid=3628;start=0#36897 date=1023373669]
    Just iptables that blocks/locks everything but ssh. Local security is handled by my chow-chow and a 12 ga. shotgun.

    Come on!!! Get with the times! We have tesla coils and plasma rifles laying around in SUCH abundance these days -- who needs a 12ga ?

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    Re:Your Security

    ipchains here .. i have used http://fli4l.de -> great router and a great firewall

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    Re:Your Security

    On my home boxen, I just have iptables.

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    Re:Your Security

    Here is my basic setup ...

    Internet ---> pf ---> iptables ---> portsentry/swatch/snort ---> hosts.deny ---> me with a bat.

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    Re:Your Security

    Internet --> OpenBSD with pf (ph34r!!!~~) --> LAN

    My previous setup:

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    Re:Your Security

    That is freaking brilliant.

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    Re:Your Security

    lol nice!

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