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Thread: Going to Ontario for the summer!

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    Going to Ontario for the summer!

    Haven't been hanging around here much lately.. been kinda busy with school and cadets.

    anyway, I'm going to CFB Borden(it's close to Toronto) for 6 weeks of the summer on Athletic Instructor Course(a cadet course). I hadn't even applied for the camp, but a position came open at the last minute I guess, and I got asked if I wanted to go.

    I really hadn't been expecting to go to camp this summer, but it's a nice surprise. I get to go to Borden for the summer, run around, learn some stuff and meet a whole lot of people. It's funny though, cause Borden is actually an air cadet camp, and I'm a sea cadet, but AIC, the course I'm going on, is tri-service.

    The only thing that sucks is that I won't make enough money for drivers' ed and insurance, I get a "training bonus" of 60$/week though, which is nice.

    Anyway.. just thought I'd stop by and post this. So how have things been here at LJR? using a new forum, which is cool.

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    Re:Going to Ontario for the summer!

    Have fun

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