Interesting view on it. And, BTW -- I never said your were bashing it. You just disliked it according to the previous post.

As for the rewrite to go from GTK 1 -> 2, from what I hear that is correct. I am with the understanding that GTK 2 repaired alot of stupid shit that plagued 1.xx. I must say that KDE3, albeit faster than KDE2 and by default prettier, is just too slow on the last generation hardware. GNOME can be shaved down and still look good. That is what got me originally on the GNOME bandwagon. I like that it was almost as fast as fluxbox and such, but looked better. But, providing you got time, try out 2.0. I got it running here at work and it is sweeet. Alot different than 1.2 and 1.4.
KDE3, I must add, did do alot to make me look at going back to it as a main WM, but I am really just too damn lazy to fully convert. I have zero issues with GNOME, and having to rebuild my panels would be too much hassle. Then with the advent of 2.0 ... not likely for me to go back anytime soon. I really only dislike a few WM, but GNOME found a home.