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Thread: Favorite browser

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    Favorite browser

    Well, alright, I'm more interested in seeing how the poll system works on here, but I figured it'd be cool to find out what everyone uses.

    Of course, the first option is undoubtedly the fastest of them all, but it does have rendering problems, which will probably never be fixed.

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    Re:Favorite browser

    I must admit, I never used a text browser like lynx or links. But I've read an article in a local linux I'm a bit curious. I like the idea of browsing the web without X.
    First thing I try as soon as I get home

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    Re:Favorite browser

    I don't mind using Lynx, but I do prefer a graphical browser.

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    Re:Favorite browser

    links is nice if you dont have X up.
    but for the graphical browser - mozilla atm, but as soon as there are tabs in konq ill go with that ..

    mhh tabs ..

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    Re:Favorite browser

    Netscape 6.2

    it's not on the list :

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    Re:Favorite browser

    The nice thing about telnet 80 is that it can support all features in any web page now, and in the future. It just has a higher learning curve, that's all. ;D

    Boblucci, Netscape 6.2 isn't on the list, but since it's based on Mozilla, I guess a vote for Netscape 6.2 would count as a vote for Mozilla?

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    Re:Favorite browser

    telnet 80 ?
    I'd rather use "nc $HOST 80" ;D

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    Re:Favorite browser

    I have to admit I'm surprised that I got the first galeon vote in. Love the tabs, and it's pretty decent on speed.

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    Re:Favorite browser

    Galeon all the way. It's fast, nice tabs, cool smart-bookmark features, etc ..

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    Re:Favorite browser

    I'm torn between Galeon and Mozilla. I'm using Galeon right now...

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