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Thread: APM not installed

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    APM not installed


    I did a fresh install of RH7.3 on a DELL Inspiron 2500. It didn't compile the kernel w/ Advanced Power Mangement. I looked at the kernel options during installation and didn't see anything specific to APM support. Does anyone know where in the kernel I would go to tweek this?


    Wierd thing is, i didn't have this problem w/ RH7.2

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    Re:APM not installed

    General Setup --> Power Management Support

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    Re:APM not installed

    Im assuming that is during installation?


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    Re:APM not installed

    [quote author=Blaqb0x link=board=1;threadid=3602;start=0#36638 date=1023265081]
    Im assuming that is during installation?


    Oops, you wrote "It didn't compile" and I've read it "I didn't compile". That "where in the kernel" was a bit misleading

    It's during kernel configuration before compiling (in 'make [whatever]config'). Tip: compile the kernel yourself.

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