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Thread: netbsd advantages

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    netbsd advantages

    okay so i'm gonna format my ibook soon and was thinking of having more than just mac and linux. netbsd has a ppc port. so i was thinking about putting it on there, what are some good things about netbsd compared to linux?

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    Re:netbsd advantages

    Runs on lots of platforms. It's generally more secure than most Linux distros and FreeBSD. It has ipf (older version of OpenBSD's pf). It's pretty darn fast. Fast development. BSD license. OpenBSD-like. Can emulate srv, linux, freebsd, bsdi, and openbsd binaries. Non-comercial (unless you count Wasabi Systems who resell some releases).

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    Re:netbsd advantages

    I should also note that it is one of my favorite OS's. If OpenBSD was never created I would use it instead for firewalls and fun.

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    Re:netbsd advantages

    how much space would you give it?

    i got a 10GB hd in here, and i want a lot for linux, and a desent amount for mac. so netbsd as small as possible....

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    Re:netbsd advantages

    Just like most BSD's (and Linux really) it doesn't need much space unless you intend to install lots of stuff. You could use about 500megs plus a 100meg swap and you should still have room to play (nincluding X).

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