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Thread: Our new home

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    Our new home

    We finally made it! It was quite a job to move a website to a new server without having FTP or SSH access to the old one.

    I hope the new board will work fine. Enjoy the new features and hopefully the better speed. Let me know if you find any bugs, I'll try to work on it before my vacation (June 7th). After that you guys just have to deal with it until I come back. ;D

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    Re:Our new home

    wow - this is fast!!

    thanks very much cloverm !!!

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    Re:Our new home

    Thanks cloverm, I really like the new look.

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    Re:Our new home

    weee SQL/PHP

    tis a beautiful thing (even as much as i love perl, PHP is good for some things)

    glad for the move and upgrade!

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    Re:Our new home

    Looks good!

    ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Our new home

    Did you guys see all the number crunching stuff on the stats page? Its pretty cool ;D

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    Re:Our new home

    Real nice Cloverm. I love the speed.

    Hmm....if you had no FTP or SSH access to the old server files, just how in the heck did you do it.? ???

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    Re:Our new home

    Thnx cloverm!!

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    Re:Our new home

    This is fast !
    Is it because of better hosting or rather the benefit of using SQL ?

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    Re:Our new home

    [me=NGene]likes this [/me]

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