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Thread: Why can I get no work?

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    Why can I get no work?

    I have it connected and it says
    Connecting to Genome@Home...
    Requesting data from Genome@Home...

    Then it just times out. I get
    Network Recv Timeout
    GetWork failed (retrying in 2 minutes)

    I seems I'm not destined to help, in windows it wont connect and in Linux it wont get work. Are there any mirrors I can set it up to access for work units?

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    Re: Why can I get no work?

    Scrap that. I guess it was just real slow. It is working fine now.

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    Re: Why can I get no work?

    Yeah it's just network traffic and all that depends on where you are and the server is at Stanford University which is in California.

    It won't connect in Windows is because of your TCP/IP Stack but it's not because it doesn't want you to help. What version of Windows you are using?? I would surprise if it's Win2K but older version of Winders TCP/IP stacks are a lot slower than Win2K's FreeBSD rip off TCP/IP Stack....

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