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Thread: LJR DC Team page

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    LJR DC Team page

    Well ... Finally, the DC Team page is done. It had been a while but there were some code bugs that needed to fix it. Check it out, please. If you find any suggestions ( not only what you want but with the pointer to the solution ), it would be nice to add it to the page. Right now, it's just a simple page with some info and links.

    8) Genome 8)
    8) Seti 8)

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    Re: LJR DC Team page

    looks good! *it woiuld be nice to get rnaking put on there -e.g. LjR is at #12 for genome and #13 for seti

    And as always thanks for a great job and rallying us number crunching troops

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    Re: LJR DC Team page

    This is the page on LJR you're talking about? I can't find it any more I know I have seen it but I can't remember where, I trawled through the DC forum looking for a link, unsucessfuly.

    This could be due to 2 things:
    • It's not too obvious where it is, and this could be rectified by a link on the DC forum
    • I'm too dumb to find it, there is no hope of rectifing this

    It's more likley to be the second, please could someone point it out to me? Ta.

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    Re: LJR DC Team page

    Thanks, I knew it would be something realy simple.

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