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Thread: Fedora Core 4 boot problem in Acer Aspire 1691

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    Fedora Core 4 boot problem in Acer Aspire 1691

    Me again. Different problem.

    I can't use my Fedora Core 4 because booting it freezes the system. I installed it from the installation-DVD (went all the way normally) and then when the system boots again all goes well until the fedora's booting screen comes up. It loads normally all other other devices and programs but on loading PCMCIA-devices the screen goes fuzzy and the system freezes.

    Is there some options to add to the boot sequence that would disable PCMCIA or can I get rid of this problem by doing something else like modifying some file?
    In grub there's no failsafe mode or else, only normal boot of Fedora and Win Xp.

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    This maybe not the answer you want to hear, but you could try shutting down PCMCIA services. (permanently with "chkconfig", temporarily with "service") Try the man pages for details.

    # chkconfig pcmcia off
    # service pcmcia stop

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