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Thread: Low Fat WM

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    Low Fat WM

    What Window Manager do you guys think is the lowest resource hog/trimmest?

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    I'd be willing to bet that twm is the smallest and most useless window manager in existance.

    If you want something actually useable, go with blackbox.

    Fvwm is also pretty fast, but it's a bitch to theme for (I'm still working on mine and I just barely got it into a useable state).

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    I like Fluxbox. It's as light as blackbox, but with a few more options, and more support.

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    I'd have to agree with black/fluxbox. Great great wm, and tiny to boot. My personal fav

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    just checked out some screenshots from the sourceforge site...Im dnloading this when I get home!!!

    Actually, Im downloading this right now for my Linux box at work!!

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    twm .. very lightweight

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    8) F l u x b o x 8)

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    It takes a bit of gettuing used to, especially if you're used to the Windows (ugh!) GUI. But, Blackbox/Fluxbox rocks. 8) ;D

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    Do you flux ??

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    Re: Low Fat WM

    If you want lightweight nothing beats twm in the footprint race. Fluxbox is the best pretty wm. Twm is fine, but ugly as hell. Forced to use it for a year at school.


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