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Thread: Quake and Linux

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    Quake and Linux

    Is it possible to get Quake2 for Linux? Where do you download the files?

    What free games are available for Linux, i would like to try Half Life.

    Any information on how to get Quake or Quake2 up and running on Linux greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Quake and Linux

    I have never played Quake, any version. Going to have to try it one of these days. ;D The Linux binaries for Quake are free for download, but you still need the retail windows cd to install it and play. probably has the linux binaries.

    There is a Quake How-to, but it appears to be a little dated.

    Jim H

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    Re: Quake and Linux

    Has anyone got Quake2 going with a nvidia card?
    There are problems with the glide library. Any advice on this greatfully received...



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    Re: Quake and Linux

    Once i can get the data packs off my mate im gonna try get it working as well, ill keep ya posted.

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    Re:Quake and Linux

    Anyone like to give me a bit of help? I'm having problems with Quake 3 Arena (Linux version) and getting it to function with my Voodoo3 3000 AGP. It can't seem to start up the drivers or something to use my card. I have to do a ton of crap to get it going but it runs only off software mode then and all my other OpenGL stuff wont work.

    ah, here we go. I still have this on my server.

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    Re:Quake and Linux

    Are the paths to and included/correct in /etc/ If not, be sure and add or correct the necessary paths and then run ldconfig.
    Other than that, I'm not sure what to tell you =/

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    Re:Quake and Linux

    try and check out their forums. They have a section for linux.

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    Re:Quake and Linux

    To specify the GL library you want to use, please add

    "+set r_gldriver <GL library>"

    to the commandline. If you do not specify a valid GL library, or if the
    GL library specified can't find or access the hardware it expects, Mesa
    might fall back into slow software rendering mode.

    found this in a readme,hope it helps.

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