I promised Ralinx that I would post this, because he's tired of answering the same question over and over again

My conversation with Evilestknight

so post this if u want, so i don't have to reply the same thing in the emails
i get about it

this is the first mail i got from evilestknight:


I have been away for a few days and I just logged in
and I saw what happened. I figure you probably have
gotten a few emails asking you to come back, so I
won't let this email drag on. But, you are a
valuable asset to the board and I assure you that you
are sorely missed right now. If there is a way to
convince you to come back let me know.

my reply:

i appreciate the email, but i'm not coming back. i've been thinking about
leaving for a couple of weeks now and yesterday it finally happened. if it
hadn't happened yesterday it probably would've happened next week, or the
week after that, or ...

his reply:

I understand. Can you tell me what exactly prompted
your leaving over the past couple weeks? I know that
there has been some undesirable trends going on lately
and I was just curious about what kind of things the
board can do to prevent these kind of events in the
future. Or what kind of things we could do to make it
more pleasant for you; if you decided to come back.

my reply:

it's kinda weird to explain. when i first signed up it was a small community
and there wasn't anyone i didn't like. But as the community got bigger, a
couple of people came along who i just couldn't stand. At first i just
figured it was no problem since it was just a messageboard and everybody has
a right to post to a messageboard. But they started posting a lot, to the
point where i got annoyed if i simply saw their name (i can be very weird
once i don't like something). To make matters worse i found myself joining
discussions with these people simply because i didn't agree with stuff they
were saying. So that only made it worse because then they bothered me even

So that's one part of it (the biggest part of it really), but as i said
earlier the community has gotten bigger and bigger. So naturally more and
more posts followed and i'm the kind of guy who likes to read every post made
on the board and the last couple of weeks it started taking up too much time
(sometimes more than a full hour each day which was a little bit too much
imho) I tried to cut back on reading all the posts so i could concentrate
more on my schoolwork and stuff like that but i kept going back to LJR and
reading the posts and if possible replying to them which made me waiste even
more time.

So the fact that visiting LJR started bothering me more and more because of
certain people and the fact that i spent too much time there just made me
consider leaving.

So there's really nothing LJR can do about it since everybody is free to post
(which is only normal). It's just that i'm a weird guy and i just got enough
of it. The only solution was for me to leave because since i'm the one who
had problems with certain people i feel that i should be the one to leave.

Anyway, i hope this clears some things up...

his reply:

How about you come back and just stay out of the
"General Topic" Forums. I know exactly what you mean
by people getting on your nerves and stuff, to be
perfectly honest with you.
< EDIT: here i cut some things he probably doesn't want posted on the board>
You help out a lot on the board and some of the stuff you
come up with is simply amazing. We definately lost a
lot of depth with your departure.

my reply:

i really don't see that happening

that's it