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    Local Webserver...

    OK, hold in mind I have dabbled in linux, but still VERY green. I have a 1T NAS using NASLite floppy (bootable SMB server). and figured I would try something else.

    What I would like to do (this is where I need the help) is figure out how to have a stripped kernel and as small as possible footprint to run a local webserver (with SQL)and SMB (so I can edit files easily). Now where I get lost is the install and configuration. Ive seen Knoppix and DSL but they have crap in them I just dont need. I'd like to carve it down to the bone and set it up to run headless. The system I have for it is a small 533Mhz P3 with a zip 100 drive.


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    DSL not so bad

    I used to use Peanut linux off of a ZIP disk but alas it is no more.

    I am a big fan of DSL. It can run on v. old hardware.

    It is already stripped to be less than 50MB. You could strip if further but its a lot of effort for a few MB.

    Plus it comes with monkey web server.

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    You aren't going to get any smaller than Damn Small Linux in terms of install footprint. If it is still too much you are just going to have to custom build it from the ground up, or install it then strip out what you don't need.

    If you are having problems getting a basic install up and running, I recommend you go with a small distribution, live with the few extra packages it installs and learn the system.
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