Eh boy... anyone else is reminded of "Lord of the Flies"? I mean, all the boys were divided appart, they couldn't live together? That's kindda what's happening here.

For those who quit because you had an argument with someone, or are disappointed because not everyone thinks like you do, you need to know two (GnuVince's two) things

- It is in human nature to argue with each other, but that doesn't mean that when you don't like the argument of a few members of a society that you must leave the entire society

- Do you really think that there's a place on the Internet where all your choices/opinions/beliefs will be respected and never be attacked? If you do, I got news for you: quit the internet.

- My mom taught me not to let conflicts go unsolved if they can be solved. Why don't you guys start a thread in which you explain what hurt you exactly, so that other members know which points to to touch when they argue with you?

This being said, stryder144 don't not talk (Wow, can I do nice sentences or what?) Instead, just do like I do: do not read threads you think could hurt you. I didn't read the thread for two reasons:

1. I knew that it would fuel a millenia-old flamewar

2. This stuff about religion arguments just bores the hell out of me, and I couldn't give a rat's butt about what other people think of what I believe.