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Thread: that's all folks

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    that's all folks

    i'm leaving this board
    it's been fun but lately i haven't been enjoying this board anymore like i used to. basically, i've had enough of this. i like almost all people here on this board but there are a few i just can't stand any longer

    if u need to contact me mail me at

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    Re: that's all folks

    I sat this as a friend - I love you man, and I'll miss you. With you leaving LJR has lost a part of what made it fun.

    I hope you'll drop by #LJR every now and again to say hi.

    /me is all :'( now

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    Re: that's all folks

    hmm ..

    very sad to see that you are leaving, its a great loss, i hope you will come in the #ljr chan once in a while ..

    :'( :-X

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    Re: that's all folks

    I respect your choice man, but that doesn't mean I accept it. We had quite some arguments you and I, but most of them were pretty superficial. I hope to see you again.

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    Re: that's all folks

    I didn't see this coming, although I guess it's not so much a surprise. I'm going to miss having someone that we can be at each other's throat all the time. Even though we didn't exactly get along, I wouldn't have wished for your departure. Mais c'est la vie.

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    Re: that's all folks

    Well, you know what they say - "Good riddance to bad garbage."... Wait, that's not right! I mean, uh... Don't go!

    Seriously, I saw that thread where you and Kenshi were really duking it out. Big deal! Ignore him! We'll miss you

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    Re: that's all folks

    well this certainly sucks.

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    Re: that's all folks

    I'm sorry to see you leave. I gope you still come back and read (and post!) to the BBS from time to time.

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    Re: that's all folks

    Ralinx, dont go!!!!! Dont let someone like kenshi get the best of you, fuck that ignor him!!!

    Come on dude dont be like that!! Come back! >

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    Re: that's all folks

    Ah, FUCK! *<yeah, i said fuck>. *Man, this is crap, pure and simple. *Dude, don't go! *While I didn't necessarily agree with your choice of relaxation *, you were very helpful to me (thanks for all the encouragement regarding LFS, man. *You are one of the biggest reasons why I decided to give it a shot and not give up on it!) and several other people.

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