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Thread: Mini distro ideas

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    Mini distro ideas

    While I'm not going to make one yet, maybe we can chuck around ideas of a mini distro (This comes after I have tried floopyfw and a smoothwall type distribution) The one I would most like would be one that is very small (Obviously) and has samba/nfs/ftp. What would you like from a mini-distro?

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    Re: Mini distro ideas

    Security related stuff. We are working on a distro that boots of 3" cd with network and security related things (DKF-lite).

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    Re: Mini distro ideas

    BSDToday had an article a while ago about a firewall/gateway FreeBSD system on a CD. You boot the CD and you got a working firewall/gateway. Unfortuneatly, I think he hard coded everything, so that it works for the company he works for. How about we take that idea, and make a script that would edit all the files to have a firewall working accordingly to YOUR needs?

    We could also take PicoBSD and try to improve it.

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    Re: Mini distro ideas

    1. firewall enabled by default
    2. blackbox or fluxbox
    3. galeon
    4. fix this error: backspace key sends ^?
    5. gui-based cache tool, like the one in gnome
    6. apt-get ported to rpms
    7. a gpl clone of opera
    8. spellchecking
    ============can i beta test your distro please! 8)

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    Re: Mini distro ideas

    I gotta find it to see who actually did it, but there is a BSD flavor that was getting handed out at a tech convention last summer. The neat thing was it was on a cd shaped like a credit card (and it worked too).

    It was supposedly customized for a boot up pc - to a firewall, router, login server. I guess you edit the stuff you want, drop in a cdr and it makes it for you. My boss found them and checked it out and noted that it was pretty cool. Any body know where one can find credit card cdr's? I hope at least one person knows what the fuck I am talking about.

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    Re: Mini distro ideas

    Schotty: I know what you're talking about. You should be able to get them from any big computer consumables place. (I can get them at MISCO, but I'm not sure if you have them)

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