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    Re: NGene

    but we can start with a virtual kiss :-*
    Can I join that too ?? :P

    :-*NGene :-*


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    Re: NGene

    Why certainly.... I have a feeling that the only one who gets to kiss NGene IRL is her bf... so virtual kissing can't possibly hurt...


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    Re: NGene

    Okay... Here's your birthday present NGene:

    We start with the house you wanted:

    This should fit both you and your boyfriend.. And I made sure that it was located in Finland... sorry, couldn't find one in Turku on such short notice.

    Now the car... I think you will look slamming in this ride:

    But you will need a drivers license, so here's some cash to get one.

    And finally, you wanted a computer....

    I promise it's penguin ready...

    Now go have a good one, and good luck with the exams..

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