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    I take back ever bad word I ever said about FreeBSD, and FreeBSD users - A good friend just showed me ports and make world... I mean... d00d.. that's like LFS, only easier, and be out the learning...

    I'm dumping Linux now, FreeBSD goodness, here I come... And I just finished printing the entire FreeBSD handbook, 592 bloody pages, and I LOVE it... I read a couple of pages, and I must say that it's the most complete UN*X manual I've ever seen..


    8) Vince 8)
    8) BSD 8)

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    Re: GnuVince

    Hum... well, you're welcome. I still use GNU/Linux myself though.

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    Re: GnuVince

    FreeBSD is so clean, or at least it seems to be after a few hours of tinkering with it on my friends PC... He used to be a total RedHat binary freak... and over the past few nights he's been falling more and more in love with FreeBSD - and he had to show it to me...

    The manpages are functional and up to date.
    The ports system is like apt-get only with sources... me likes very much.
    make world = LFS.
    -current REALLY means current.

    I mean the only thing I've found that FreeBSD can't do for me is allow me to play UT and SF. and I can live with that.

    and, oh boy it looks so clean it's almost painful to watch...

    I'm installing it tomorrow, so wish me luck, I'll need it !

    Bye Bye Linux... Thanks for the fish !

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    Re: GnuVince

    In terms of cleaness though, FreeBSD is beaten by OpenBSD and NetBSD though. *But I agree that it's much cleaner and leaner than any Linux distribution. *I installed it on a 486 of a friend of mine (gateway purpose):

    $ uname -sr
    FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE
    $ uptime
    8:03PM *up 202 days, 18 mins, 1 user, load averages: 0.08, 0.02, 0.01
    I was thinking about FreeBSD or OpenBSD on my gateway. *Since I haven't been able (yet) to find a good tutorial on NAT with OpenBSD 3.0's pf, right now I think I'll install FreeBSD (I have done 4-5 FreeBSD gateways as of now, so I know it much better. I might also point out, OpenBSD is a bit more unstable than FreeBSD). *I will keep looking for OpenBSD though

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    Re: GnuVince

    In terms of cleaness though, FreeBSD is beaten by OpenBSD and NetBSD though. *But I agree that it's much cleaner and leaner than any Linux distribution.
    There is a good reason why the Debian people are basing their BSD distro on NetBSD. Well actually, that's where most of the people are working, but some people are working on porting that stuff over to the FreeBSD kernel and OpenBSD kernel as well.

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    Re: GnuVince

    FreeBSD was the *nix I learned all my stuff on initially.

    Mandrake and Red Hat just kinda sucked for me, X wouldn't configure in Slackware, and I was just too stupid at the time to figure out the Debian install. FreeBSD installed for me correctly the first time, and I was up and running within 2 hours (I was a newbie to the whole thing...sue me).

    I learned more on FreeBSD than I did with any of the 'newbie' linux distros, and everything that I learned while using it was easily transferred to Linux (well, most of it anyhow).

    I was also wondering when someone was going to mention that the BSDs already had an LFS-like system in place...some of us knew about that for years already but we didn't want to say anything (you know how testy some lunix users can get).

    If I were asked to list my favourite *nixes, from best to worst, it'd go something like this:

    1. FreeBSD (Solaris?)
    2. OpenBSD
    3. Debian (NetBSD?)
    4. Libranet
    54. LFS
    55. Mandrake
    56. Slackware

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    Re: GnuVince

    54. LFS
    Don't worry, LFS hates you, too.

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    Re: GnuVince

    What did slack ever do to you ? :(

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    Re: GnuVince

    56. Slackware
    d00d, your insane

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