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Thread: Popcorn !!!

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    Popcorn !!!

    You're back.... you won't believe how much I missed you...

    D00d, promise me that you'll never ever do that to me again !!

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    Re: Popcorn !!!

    ;D Thanks LC.

    Been really busy at work, I've almost walked out a few times (If people are telling me about jobs that need doing, while I'm trying to take a dump, because it's the only time they can catch me, then I'm doing far too much).

    And there's been a whole bunch of out of work stuff, that's taken some time to get my head round, and kept me away from my box.

    The good news, however, is while I've been away I've managed to get a few other schools in the area interested in Linux, and a few other converts have come out of the woodwork. We may yet even pursuade the schools ISP to mirror a few isos, to make it more apealing for other schools to try. (fingers crossed).

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    Re: Popcorn !!!

    Hardcore convertion !!

    I salute thee !

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