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Thread: Hi guys and girls

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    Re: Hi guys and girls

    my girlfriend is pretty angry with you guys, and she's taking it out on me...
    Why would she though since she was the one who started out on doing it with another men and stuff .... So we ( at least I ) figured she is the fun loving kind ... Oh well .... :-/

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    Re: Hi guys and girls

    A and B -- Well mostly A.
    You mean the letter analogies bother you? We'll refer to it more graphically from now on.

    (By the way, you'll notice I didn't say anything bad about you that any sane person would believe.)

    Tell her that I apologize then, since I basically started the whole thing. I have a wife and 2 daughters, so I am used to getting abused by women.
    You should be sorry. You're the one that brought up that A and B crap. Some people... [sighs]

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    Re: Hi guys and girls

    Hi my name is Lovechild

    and I hate the letters A and B


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    Re: Hi guys and girls

    friendly greatings

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    Re: Hi guys and girls

    ur sick

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