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Funny linux sayings.
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Thread: Funny linux sayings.

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    Funny linux sayings.

    I was looking at the think geek shirts and i was curious if anybody had like any of their own short linux jokes or geek jokes?

    Short sweat jokes or a classic "Got Root"


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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    Penguin Power!
    check out www.penguinpower.com
    also LinuxLover shirts
    and way cool poster of a giant Tux tramples m$ headquarters!
    and very cute Tux "teddy bears" [teddy penguins?]

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    After the infamous Sept 11th there were two that I recall...
    1) rm -rf /bin/laden
    2) chmod a+rwx /bin/freedom

    And I've always kinda chuckled at Enders sig where he say's he did a 'bzcat /vmlinuz > /dev/audio' and thought he heard god..... too funny.

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    Baby - wanna see my distro collection ?

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.


    Linux : The Choice of a GNU Generation

    Linux : Because you wouldnt put a Porsche's engine in a Pinto

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    In a world without fences who needs gates.

    Make Crypto Not Munitions: They that can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty nor safety" Ben Franklin (OpenBSD T-Shirt).

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    "If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem" -- Gerard Beekmans, LFS

    "In a world without walls or fences, who needs windows and gates?"

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    'nuff said. >

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    Re: Funny linux sayings.

    I love it. You just have to make it possible to play with a character like that in Quake 3

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