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Thread: Microsoft slams embedded Linux

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    Re: Microsoft slams embedded Linux

    We found it amusing that Microsoft would tout the fact that XP is so much more stable that it only crashes once every 30 days instead of every two weeks,"
    That just cracks me up. "Hey guys, it only crashes once a month!! Will you use it now??"

    five different window managers
    I could name 20. KDE, Gnome, Blackbox, enlightenment, windowmaker, fvwm, fvwm2, fvwm95, evilwm, sawfish, xfce, aewm, twm, YAWM, afterstep, icewm, qvwm, flwm, pawm, plwm, the list goes on and on... need I say more?

    and at least four competing browsers
    Well, how about Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Galleon, Konqueror, w3m, links and lynx?

    My point? Don't believe anything MS says, they're full of crap and don't know what they're talking about.

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    Re: Microsoft slams embedded Linux

    Yeah PBHarris!! I wrote an e-mail to (I didn't care who it actually needed to be sent to) right after I read that. Here it is. Keep in mind I was mad and controling my mouth.
    I wonder if is a valid address?

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    Re: Microsoft slams embedded Linux

    Hey guys, here is a link to one of the responses to m$ letter about embedded linux.

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