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Thread: Farewell LokiGames and thank you for the fish

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    Farewell LokiGames and thank you for the fish

    According to this email which was sent to resellers of lokigames software products, our beloved LokiGames will go out of business on 31th of January.

    So farewell LG and thank you for your 3 year long effort to keep Linux gaming afloat.

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    Re: Farewell LokiGames and thank you for the fish

    to bad that they are going out of buisness, but the linuxgame market is to small still, or rather the linux-desktop market is to small still.....
    hope winex improves thinking of trying it out.

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    Re: Farewell LokiGames and thank you for the fish

    I'm not so sure that WINE or WineX will help the gaming market for least, not in the same way that Loki tried to.

    I figure that if game manufacturers and coders feel that they can get away with making their games primarily for Windows and tossing out a cheesy patch or something to make it work with WINE, that's probably what they're going to do. I doubt that it would really make sense for them to produce linux-native versions of their product since there are so few linux users out there (wasn't there a statistic suggesting that less than 8% of all comp users use Linux on the desktop?), and there's always the risk that end-users may decide not to pay for their copies of the game, killing their profits even more.

    I wonder why Loki went out of business, though...clearly there are a lot of Linux users out there that like to play commercial games... ???

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    Re: Farewell LokiGames and thank you for the fish

    The ports were too expensive, they would hover around $60 dollars when their windows counterparts were around $30. $60 bucks for a old game isnt worth it. Especially when wine can emulate lots of the newer games.

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