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Thread: VPN with Cisco 515E

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    VPN with Cisco 515E


    I have read an article ( about VPN setup with cisco pix.

    Now i have almost the same scennario, but i have some differences, which i do not know how to solve.

    At the main site i have a cisco pix515e firewall, connecting to the internet through a ZyXEL adsl router (which connects to the internet through an adsl modem(managged by the isp)) with fixed ip address.

    At Site 2 i have a fixed ip dsl line with no devices at the moment (if my setup is possible to build with cheaper devices i'll chose them instead of cisco because of price constraints).

    In the above mentioned documentation i saw, the pix firewall's outside eth interface got assigned the public ip address. I cant do that, since the adsl router performs NAT for my PIX firewall. I have read VPN through nat is not easy beacuse the NAT box mangles the ip packet.

    Now, is it possible to set up a vpn tunnel between site2 and the main site's PIX firewall?

    My other question, if i wanted to connect an additional, site3 and site4 tot he main site through vpn, is that possible too with the simmilar setup?

    I'm no expert of PIX setups (only CCNA), so i need some advice how to set up the vpn tunnel.

    Thank you.

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    IPSec VPNs passing through a through many to 1 NAT box/modem is not supported by the protocol.

    If you can SSH between the sites, possibly via port forwarding, and you want to just transfer or share files, then you consider the SSH filesystem.

    If this is for the home, then this solution could be OK.

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